Welcome to the 2014 Norwegian Cancer Symposium on the theme “Harnessing innate and adaptive immunity in cancer therapy”. Immunotherapy against cancer is finally coming of age. During the last decade we have witnessed durable clinical responses and even cure of previously incurable diseases, such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia, following distinct immunotherapeutic interventions. An emerging theme […]

Organized by Institute of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oslo. Program: 14:30 IntroductionGuttorm Haraldsen, Department of Pathology and K.G. Jebsen InflammationResearch Centre, University of Oslo (UiO) and OUH. 14:40 Natural killer T-cell activation – inhibition by self lipids.Espen Melum, Norwegian PSC Research Center, OUH. 15:00 Gene discoveries in multiple sclerosis: Novel cues to the […]

Medicon Valley Alliance is pleased to invite you to join our Cancer Immunotherapy Partnering Mission to the U.S. East Coast. Members of the Oslo Cancer Cluster are invited to join. The mission, which is organized by MVA’s Boston-based Ambassador Torsten Jepsen, is a unique opportunity for you to get up to speed on the latest […]

Norsk Biotekforum og  Smerud Medical Research International AS  inviterer til møte i møteserien om klinisk utprøvning.  Registration Program: Kliniske studier innenfor cancer immunterapi  – Introduksjon  v/Knut T. Smerud, Smerud Medical Research International AS Faglig bakgrunn for immunoterapi og oversikt generelt om temaet – Professor Gustav Gaudernack, Oslo Universitetssykehus Bedriftspresentasjoner: o   Ultimovacs AS v/Øyvind Arnesen, CEO […]