Hot topics in inflammation research

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Organized by Institute of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oslo.


14:30 Introduction
Guttorm Haraldsen, Department of Pathology and K.G. Jebsen Inflammation
Research Centre, University of Oslo (UiO) and OUH.

14:40 Natural killer T-cell activation – inhibition by self lipids.
Espen Melum, Norwegian PSC Research Center, OUH.

15:00 Gene discoveries in multiple sclerosis: Novel cues to the
pathogenesis of disease.
Anne Spurkland, Institute for Basic Medical Sciences, UiO.

15:20 Systemic sclerosis, a one-way ticket from inflammation to fibrosis?
Øyvind Molberg, Department of Rheumatology, UiO and OUH.

15:40 Inhibition of endothelial Notch signaling attenuates inflammation
Eirik Sundlisæter, Department of Pathology, UiO.

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