Norwegian Cancer Symposium

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This event finished on 10 June 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Norwegian Cancer Symposium on the theme “Harnessing innate and adaptive immunity in cancer therapy”.

Immunotherapy against cancer is finally coming of age. During the last decade we have witnessed durable clinical responses and even cure of previously incurable diseases, such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia, following distinct immunotherapeutic interventions. An emerging theme is the close interplay between innate and adaptive immune components whereby innate cells themselves contribute to immunological memory and set the stage for adaptive immunity to achieve long-term control of tumors.

A key future challenge is therefore to harness both innate and adaptive immunity, and bring insights from basic immunological mechanisms to clinical implementation. The Norwegian Cancer Symposium 2014 spans sessions on how to exploit innate and adoptive immunity in the context of cancer immunotherapy. These include T cell therapy, NK cell therapy, immunotherapy based on genetic engineering and DC-based vaccines, the tumor microenvironment as well as strategies for generating and analyzing high-dimensional data on immunological repertoires and responses.

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