The six biology students from Ullern High will be interning at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health´s division for infectious diseases in order to learn more on this topic.The internship-week is one of many collaborative projects between Ullern High School and Oslo Cancer Cluster, as a part of our common strategy to foster the next […]

Pharma and biotech companies’ interested in collaborating with the Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium and/or MetAction projects – please contact to set up a one-to-one speed dating meeting. You may find information on the Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium here and the MetAction projects here.Register hereDownload program as pdf hereProgram: Moderator of the day: Professor Gunnar […]

I samarbeid med Oslo Cancer Cluster arrangerer Ullern videregående skole  “KUR”:Kompetanseutviklingskurs for realfagslærere i Oslo-skolen. Tema denne ettermiddagen er “Sol, helse og D-vitamin”. Deltagere er blant annet Johan Moan, professor emeritus ved Institutt for Kreftforskning, Oslo universitetssykehus og Ingrid Stenstavold Ross – seksjonssjef for forebyggende arbeid i Kreftforeningen. Merk at dette er et lukket arrangement […]

Oslo Cancer Cluster is facilitating an information meeting on EBOLA for all students at Ullern High School, and what is happening in Sierra Leone specifically. Ullern High School is running a local girls school in Sierra Leone where the EBOLA-epidemic is at present. Oslo Cancer Cluster fasilitieterer et informasjonsmøte for elever ved Ullern videregående skole […]

Webinar Panel on Oncology Licensing – “What’s hot and what’s not in oncology licensing”. SIGN UP HERE. This panel discussion will be a lively Q&A on what is exciting in cancer drug development and what is not popular in licensing, and why. Biotech and pharmaceutical consultant Linda Pullan will be joined by three panelists who […]