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Our role as Changemaker

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Did you know that Oslo Cancer Cluster is a changemaker?

Being a changemaker means that Oslo Cancer Cluster works towards improving the framework conditions for cancer innovations in the Norwegian health industry. We have different ways of playing out this role and addressing specific challenges for the health industry, for instance by giving our input to national policies.

The role of changemaker is part of our strategy for 2020-2022.

We have published the current strategy here.

Input to national policies

So far this year, we have provided input to four national policies: the outlook on Norway’s economy for the next forty years (Perspektivmeldingen), financial options for employees in start-ups and scale-ups, more available health data, and the new plan for research and higher education.

Find out more about our political input and role as a changemaker on this project webpage.

Joining forces

Oslo Cancer Cluster joins forces with other health clusters and organisations when the subject requires a forceful choir. Together with Norway Health Tech, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, the Life Science Cluster, and Melanor, we provided a collective input on the new platform for the availability of health data to the Ministry of Health and Care Services in July this year.

You can read the collective input here (in Norwegian).

A Norwegian Cancer Mission

Our latest input was to the new long-term plan for research and higher education from the Ministry of Education and Research. We emphasized the important Cancer Mission of the EU Commission, and how a mission for reducing the time it takes to develop a new cancer treatment should be one of the prioritized areas for Norwegian research in the years to come.

You can read the latest political input here (in Norwegian).