Bristol Myers Squibb and Daiichi-Sankyo sponsor this years Cancer Crosslinks, an networking event and platform for exchange of knowledge and research. Photo: Fartein Rudjord.

Making Cancer Crosslinks possible

Meet the sponsors behind Cancer Crosslinks 2024: Bristol Myers Squibb and Daiichi-Sankyo.

Cancer Crosslinks 2024, the sixteenth edition of the annual cancer conference, is scheduled for Thursday, January 25, at the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park. It is a free event, open to all, and will be presented both on-site and digitally.

This educational meeting, organized by Oslo Cancer Cluster in collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb, serves as a pivotal platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of cancer research and treatment.

To register and access the programme, please visit the Cancer Crosslinks event website.

Inspirational kick-offs

Charlotte Wu Homme, Oslo Cancer Cluster head of membership and events, is happy for the contributions to Cancer Crosslinks 2024 and expresses gratitude to the collective efforts of speakers, moderators, sponsors, and the wider Oslo Cancer Cluster membership and oncology ecosystem.

Charlotte Wu Homme. Photo: Stig Jarnes.

Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) is the event’s co-founder and continues to play a crucial role. The company emphasizes the importance of events like Cancer Crosslinks, considering them inspirational kick-offs for the scientific milieu in Norway. BMS’s commitment aligns with the broad scientific innovations discussed at the conference, reflecting their dedication to breakthrough medicines and global patient impact.

man in black and white photo

Ali Areffard. Photo: Ilja C. Hendel.

Ali Areffard, Disease Area Head Oncology & Hematology at Bristol Myers Squibb Norway, emphasizes the company’s broad interest in significant scientific innovations.

We are continually seeking to launch breakthrough medicines to reach more patients around the world. Ali Areffard

He highlights the relevance of all topics on the programme for their industry, academia, and public healthcare organizations.

A crucial platform

Daiichi-Sankyo proudly co-sponsors Cancer Crosslinks 2024, recognizing its 16-year tradition of delivering high-level scientific and clinical content. The company views the event as a crucial platform for bringing together international and national researchers at the forefront of cancer research. Daiichi-Sankyo emphasizes the importance of such arenas in driving translational and clinical research collaborations to advance innovative cancer treatments.

Georg Lindefjeld, Medical Advisor Oncology at Daiichi-Sankyo, expresses high interest in various aspects of the conference programme. Particularly relevant to their work in developing Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs), Lindefjeld highlights the significance of up-to-date diagnostics, AI-supported precision medicine, and overcoming tumour resistance.

Georg Lindefjeld. Photo

For our company developing ADCs and cooperating with AstraZeneca and Merck/MSD to bring our new products to market, the tumour diagnostic relevance of our products, overcoming tumour resistance to treatment and combination synergies with immunotherapy in frontline settings are of high interest to us. Georg Lindefjeld


A day of innovative research

Marine Jeanmougin, Oslo Cancer Cluster’s lead EU advisor, is part of the scientific Cancer Crosslinks 2024 team. She is looking forward to an edition that features leading experts from the EU, UK, and USA, and prominent moderators from Norway, to discuss the latest advances in Precision Oncology & Immunotherapies.

Marine Jeanmougin, lead EU affairs. Photo: Margit Selsjord.

Expect a day filled with innovative research and clinical insights, at the forefront of oncology and haematology, says Jeanmougin

Opportunity for networking

Cancer Crosslinks has evolved into a leading forum, uniting oncologists, haematologists, translational researchers, healthcare providers, regulatory experts, and industry representatives. The conference fosters interactions between researchers and clinicians, encouraging translational and clinical research collaborations to propel innovative cancer treatments.

Both BMS and Daiichi-Sankyo express enthusiasm for the upcoming event, looking forward to the distinguished program, speaker panels, and informal interactions. BMS sees the event as an opportunity for networking and creating synergies going into 2024, while Daiichi-Sankyo anticipates engaging with researchers and clinicians that could lead to new collaborations and projects.

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