Dr. Bjørn Atle Bjørnbeth is CEO Oslo University Hospital (OUH).

Bjørn Atle Bjørnbeth joins the board

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Dr. Bjørn Atle Bjørnbeth was welcomed into the board of Oslo Cancer Cluster during the annual general meeting on Thursday 26 August.

The Board of Oslo Cancer Cluster is made up of nine highly skilled and experienced member representatives who reflect the oncology value chain from basic research to globally marketed products.

Dedicated to good health services

Dr. Bjørn Atle Bjørnbeth (59) is CEO Oslo University Hospital (OUH). He is a trained gastro surgeon and was formerly head of the gastro and pediatric surgery department at OUH. As a hospital leader, he is concerned with change management, the work environment, and professional development.

Bjørnbeth is dedicated to good health services for the patients at OUH and to manage the resources in the best possible way. His emphasis is on collaborations with the city of Oslo and the University of Oslo, and other important partners, to develop the research and the extensive activity in education and training which the hospital is in charge of.

An overview of all the board members and their background is found on this page: The board of Oslo Cancer Cluster.