Curida chairman Ole J. Dahlberg and new CEO Anders Larsson, Lytix Biopharma co-founder Øistein Rekdal. Photo: Curida & Lytix.

Lytix and Curida: Growth and innovation

Two companies from the Oslo Cancer Cluster have recently made remarkable achievements in both research and economic growth in the dynamic landscape of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Lytix Biopharma and Curida, both Norwegian-owned, have gained attention and acclaim for their innovative approaches and substantial contributions to the healthcare sector.

Lytix Biopharma: Pioneering Immunotherapy

Lytix Biopharma, a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company based in Oslo, Norway, has been making waves with its research and development efforts in cancer immunotherapy. Spearheaded by CEO Øystein Rekdal, the company has recently secured between NOK 50 and 55 million in new capital, showcasing strong support from existing shareholders and new investors alike.

One of Lytix Biopharma’s flagship projects is the development of LTX-315, a novel cancer immunotherapy drug candidate currently undergoing Phase II studies. Partnering with Verrica Pharmaceuticals, Lytix Biopharma aims to revolutionize the treatment of skin cancer with LTX-315, offering patients a non-surgical option with potentially reduced risks and improved outcomes.

Rekdal highlights the significance of the partnership with Verrica, stating, “The collaboration with Verrica shows that the company’s drug candidate has a commercial potential in one of the largest cancer indications globally.” Moreover, Lytix Biopharma’s innovative approach, addresses key challenges in cancer therapy, promising enhanced efficacy and reduced side effects compared to current treatments.

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Curida: Empowering Pharma and Biotech

In parallel, Curida, another Oslo Cancer Cluster member company based in Oslo, Norway, has secured a significant growth investment from Signet Healthcare Partners and existing shareholders. This substantial investment, totalling between 230M NOK and 260M NOK, underscores Curida’s commitment to expansion and innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Ole J. Dahlberg, former CEO and Chairman of the Board at Curida, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Signet, stating, “We are excited by the opportunity to further accelerate growth and improve products for our pharma and biotech customers in their work to deliver medicines and therapeutics to benefit patients.”

The appointment of Anders Larsson as the new CEO further strengthens Curida’s leadership team, bringing extensive experience in management and strategic development from the pharmaceutical industry. With a focus on aseptic and non-aseptic liquid manufacturing, as well as biologics processing, Curida aims to cater to the evolving needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.

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Plans for the Future

Both Lytix Biopharma and Curida have ambitious plans for the future, aiming to advance their respective projects and expand their impact on the healthcare industry. For Lytix Biopharma, upcoming studies at the Norwegian Radium Hospital hold promise for testing LTX-315 in earlier-stage melanoma patients, potentially broadening the reach of their innovative immunotherapy.

Rekdal shared their overarching goal, stating, “Our overall goal is to bring multiple projects forward and partner for late-stage development and commercialisation.” Similarly, Curida looks to leverage Signet’s industry expertise and investment to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and continue delivering high-quality solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech partners globally.



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