Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator aims to become a “one-stop-shop” for investors and pharma BD’s on the look-out for oncology partnering and investment opportunities in Norway. Norwegian oncology research and development holds a high standard and has a small, but good track record with success stories such as Algeta and Photocure.

Contact us and we will provide:

▸Information and contact to specific companies of interest

▸Tailored scouting and partnering meetings with preselected academics and biotechs

▸Office space and meeting rooms in Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator while visiting Norway

Please note that our network extends to all regions of Norway, and we may accomodate contact to the key oncology actors outside of Oslo.

Immuno-Oncology - area of strength

A particular strength of Norwegian oncology is immmuno-oncology. The majority of the oncology biotechs operate within this field.

Other interesting technologies where Norway has particular strenght is alpha and beta-pharmaceuticals, photodynamic treatment and targeted treatment.

Currently there are several interesting start-ups on the verge of clinical development or in phase I/II.