State Budget of 2016

The Government of Norway launched their State Budget on October 7th. The Government launch several acitivities to dem up for the current down-scaling in the oil-sector and to stimulate new industry.

Oslo Cancer Cluster has analyzed the budget in relation to sectors that concern our members.

The most important points in the State Budget 2016

  • An increase of 2,1 BNOK to research and development in general, here under:
    – 135 MNOK to stimulate Norwegian participation in Horizon 2020
    – 25 MNOK to research infrastructure
  • 200 MNOK more to industry driven research programs thorugh the Norwegian Research Council, here under;
    – Increase of 100 MNOK  to the BIA program in the Norwegian Research Council. BIA stands for User-driven research-based Innovation and is an important funding scheme for biotech companies
    – Increase of  90 MNOK to the FORNY program in the Norwegian Research Council. This funding is for verification, and is important to commercialize research
  • 150  MNOK to establishment support from Innovation Norway
  • 100 MNOK to pre- seed funding: 50 MNOK ear-marked companies situated in a TTO-office or an incubator
  • Clinical treatment research and clinical trials: 130MNOK in total – 110MNOK for establishing a new joint program for clinical treatment research, plus 20MNOK from the program for publicly initiated clinical studies on cancer
  • Access to new drugs: 10 MNOK to the national system for introducing new methods (HTA system) for strengthening the capacity
  • Norwegian Proton Center: Further planning of a proton center in Norway is suggested granted 16.3MNOK
  • PET center in Tromsø: Loans to UNN Tromsø to establish of a PET center – with this all the regions will have a PET center

The Government’s objective is to create a national health care with equal access to public financed health services of good quality. Furthermore, the government’s goal is for cancer patients to experience a health care sector of good quality, prompt follow-up and safe treatment. Oslo Cancer Cluster believe that this is partly reflected in the state budget 2016.