Contact person:

CONTACT PERSON: Sergey Shaposhnikov
PHONE: + 47 99 69 25 38


Founded in: 2011

Number of employees: 5

CEO: Sergey Shaposhnikov

NorGenoTech AS is a biomedical technology company providing efficient analysis of DNA damage at the level of individual cells. We develop equipment, carry out research projects and offer services and training courses.

Rapid development of personalised medicine requires tools for diagnostics, prediction, monitoring and assessment of therapeutic response. NorGenoTech creates a platform for diagnostics of individual levels of DNA damage, oxidation and repair capacity – fundamental health indicators relevant to cancer and other diseases. The platform is based on the comet assay and can be applied for assessing the response of patients to therapy, evaluating the predictive value of DNA repair as a cancer risk factor, testing effects of dietary and pharmaceutical intervention, identifying individuals at risk of exposure, as well as for genotoxicity testing of novel chemicals and drugs.