Contact person:

CONTACT PERSON: Lars Gunnar Fledsberg
TITLE: CCO and founder
PHONE: + 47 940 19 520


Founded in: 2017

CEO: Christina Westerveuld Haug


Nacamed is a Norwegian spin-off company of Dynatec AS. Dynatec has through the 10 last years investigated in the production of Silicon particles, and has acquired unique competencies in this area.

Nacamed aims is to combine these physical competencies with the clinical competencies in the pharmaceutical industry to create a new generation of treatment methods. Their vision is to contribute to human health through targeted drug delivery.

The Nacamed technology is based on 10 years of research on Silicon done by Dynatec engineering. This has resulted in a unique production technology solving previous production issues, and enabling a production that can tailor particles with the desired physical attributes.

The production costs are substantially decreased compared to previous methods, and production capacity can be scaled up to meet future needs.