Contact person:

CEO: Nalinava Sengupta
PHONE: +47 93 81 35 86


Founded in: 2016

Number of employees: 1

CEO: Nalinava Sengupta


iNANOD AS is a biotech company focusing on developing a new generation of metal encapsulated nano-sized anticancer drugs. It will allow faster and targeted delivery of anticancer drugs to tumours, improving drug efficacy and reducing side effects through decreased damage to non-cancerous cells. The goal is to bring Copper-based drug candidate through to clinical development using tailored liposomal nanoparticles as delivery device. Casiopeinas copper complexes will be subjected to (plain) liposome formulation and the resulting nanoparticles will be characterized physically and chemically. Synthetica AS will be the partner for synthesising and characterising the liposomes. IPR on preparation of the copper complex encapsulated liposome is the deliverable here. One can expect to achieve first step of success as it will possess the potential of replacing platinum based drugs by a more body friendly metal which will in turn highly reduce the currently existing side effects related to cancer chemotherapy.