Contact person:

CONTACT PERSON: Insa Flechsler
TITLE: CEO/Managing Director (daglig leder)
PHONE: + 47 92856762


Founded in: 2015

Number of employees: 1

CEO: Insa Flechsler


Flechsler Consulting AS provides IP (intellectual property) services to small and medium-sized companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industry, i.e. companies which are typical members of the Oslo Cancer Cluster. Such companies have a need for IP services but not the budget and/or the amount of work to employ an in-house IP counsel on a full-time basis.

This “part-time in-house IP counsel” model provides our clients with the required flexibility but at the same time secures that IP related matters are well taken care of. Our clients are thus able to free up internal resources, which have been previously used for managing and coordinating IP.

We generate for our clients and IP strategy and align IP activities with the client’s business objectives and goals taking into account the external environment such as the industry but also the internal environment, e.g. the client’s financial and human resources.

Insa Flechsler, the managing director of Flechsler Consulting AS, has worked since 1999 as IP counsel for big multinational pharmaceutical companies like Bayer and GE Healthcare and for pharmaceutical SMEs like Photocure ASA. For the latter two companies, she worked in senior and leading positions. She has significant experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industry.