PERMIDES European Workshop @ 06th December 2016

PERMIDES EU Workshop in Oslo @ 06th December 2016 (12:00 -16:30 hrs)

The workshop starts with an introduction to PERMIDES, the innovation challenges to be addressed with this project and short presentations to inspire the subsequent workshop part.

Why join? You can benefit from innovation vouchers of up to EUR 60.000 to develop and implement novel IT based solutions for biopharmaceutical R&D challenges. By sharing your IT related needs and discussing potential solutions with potential partners you ensure that the innovation calls match your needs.

Questions? Connect to Gupta Udatha (; 45534627) or Jutta Heix (; 94163089).


PERMIDES is a perfect opportunity for start-ups and SMEs that are involved in biopharma value chain, IT sector and emerging personalized medicine industries to team up with complementary partners and opt for the rich portfolio of services & direct funding PERMIDES provides.

How can you as a SME benefit from PERMIDES?

SMEs from the biopharmaceutical sector get access to relevant partners from the IT sector. The IT companies can develop and implement tailored digital solutions to improve business and product development processes. The costs incurred for this purpose by the IT partner will be covered by means of consulting, prototyping and customised solution vouchers totalling up to EUR 60,000. The biopharmaceutical company may also benefit from new products and applications developed by the IT company within the framework of the joint project.

SMEs from the IT sector get access to partners and new customers from the biopharmaceutical sector to apply and adapt their solutions to SMEs developing novel personalized medicine products. Innovation vouchers will cover their expenses, and the knowledge gained during these projects may create new products and business opportunities.