Participants planning to submit a project proposal under Horizon 2020 are eligible to seek funding from the PES scheme

Project Establishment Support directed towards H2020 

The Project Establishment Support directed towards H2020 (PES2020) scheme is one of several funding instruments employed by the Research Council to strengthen Norwegian participation under H2020 and achieve improved returns in the form of project funding under H2020. The funding arena is highly competitive, and it takes knowledge, time and resources to prepare good project proposals. The PES2020 scheme is designed to relieve some of the cost burden for Norwegian applicants related to the preparation of project proposals. The scheme is also designed to raise the overall competence of Norwegian applicants with regard to participation under H2020, as well as to promote:

• higher quality in the proposals submitted;
• growth in the number of proposals involving Norwegian participants;
• participation by new applicants in EU projects.

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Companies, research institutes, universities, university colleges, regional health authorities, industry organisations and other parties qualified to take part in a proposed project directed towards H2020. Public agencies will not receive funding to cover salary costs for their own employees except for payroll compensation for participation of personnel in the project. As from 2015, financial support from the PES2020 scheme is awarded to companies as de minimis aid.

Duration: 2014 – 2020

Project establishment support may also be sought for proposals directed towards the following initiatives receiving funding under H2020 (provided that Norway is a participant):

  • InnovFin instruments
  • The Eurostars Programme
  • The Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL)
  • Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs)
  • European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) (establishment of new networks)
  • Funding announcements under the ERA-NET scheme or Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs), provided they are co-funded by H2020.

Proposals targeting EU initiatives other than those listed here are not eligible for PES funding.

Funding may be used to cover the following costs:

  • Travel expenses
  • Salary costs for employees at public universities will not be covered. However, hourly costs for e.g. hiring a post-doc or others to assist in proposal development that results in additional costs for the university can be covered.
  • Payroll compensation for personnel, e.g. for hiring a substitute to take over duties of the researcher who will be writing the proposal.
  • Procurement of external assistance and consultation.

How to apply:

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H2020 – Funding for travels and positioning activities for Norwegian actors without an annual framework grant from PES2020 Choose
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