Oncoimmunity, Vaccibody, Nextera and Nordic Nanovector granted BIA-funding

The Norwegian Research Council granted  Oslo Cancer Cluster member companies Oncoimmunity, Vaccibody, Nextera and Nordic Nanovector funding through the Programme for User-Driven Research Based Innovation (BIA).

In total, the Norwegian Research Council will grant 532 MNOK to 50 Norwegian companies, of which 10 are within biomedicine.

Oncoimmunity, Vaccibody, Nextera and Nordic Nanovector will receive between 15-20 million NOK each over 4 years, depending on the outcome of the contract negotiations between the council and the companies. Funding from the BIA programme is a quality stamp since the companies compete in “open class” where all sectors are represented.


Titles for the granted innovation projects:

  • Vaccibody: Targeted Personalized Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines
    Press release from Vaccibody
  • Nordic Nanovector: Development of Two New Antibody Radionuclide Conjugates for Treatment of Malignant Lymphoma and Leukemia
  • Oncoimmunity: Software for profiling tumor neo-antigens to empower cancer immunotherapy
  • Nextera: Novel targeted therapy for treating Leukemia

More information about the BIA-grants: Forskningsrådet investerer en halv milliard i innovative bedrifter