Norwegian Cancer Society honours Oslo Cancer Cluster

Anne Lise Ryel, General Secretary of the Norwegian Cancer Society gave a powerful speech at the celebration of Oslo Cancer Cluster´s 10 years anniversary. Here she stresses the importance of collaboration and ensures the continued support to the cluster. 




13. DESEMBER 2016



Prime Minister,

Deputy Minister,

Members of the Parliament,

Friends of OCC,

Friends of the cancer case,

Dear all of you,



I have a dream.

A dream that Norway expand the investment in, and starts building a sustainable innovative health industry.

Why: For the better of the nation, creating value, creating work places, and of course, needless to say;

for better treatment and quality of life for future patients.

I have a dream that we in doing so, we combine our expertise and excellence in technology from the oil and gas sector with medicine and healthcare.

Pumps and pipes.

I think I share this dream with many, hopefully also with our prime minister.



I have a dream.

A dream that this health industry – being so massive – will focus on cancer.

In this field we have unique possibilities and benefits for national and global success.


Such as:

-Some excellent research groups

-A national cancer registry

-Population surveys

-Bio banks

-A national ID number

-A homogenous population


People trust in the healthcare system/sector

People want to participate in clinical trials

Systems for including the user´s perspective


Obama also shares this dream.

To combat cancer with help of research and innovation and industry.

And to help fulfill his dream he looks to Norway.*


He looks to where we are now, to this very spot!



I have a dream.

A dream that this campus ­ – with Radium Hospitalet, with its clinics, research institutions, Oslo Cancer Cluster, Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation park, startups, the school, The Cancer Registry, the Vardecenter for patients – becomes a Comprehensive Cancer Center.

This will attract the best global minds and the best ideas, and money.

It’s here in Oslo, in the capital.

But it is national.

Like OCC is national. It’s a Norwegian cluster.



I have a dream that we will continue to build on the Nordic model.

A model with three parties.

Public, private and NGOs.

Together we cover a broader perspective, we contribute with our unique strengths, we play different roles.

Together we gain more.

I say Nordic model, because the most common model globally is the two sectors together: public and private.


The Nordic countries have realized that organizations like the Norwegian cancer society, NGOs within the health sector,

Always have, from their very start, been innovative.

Always tried to find solutions to the needs voiced by citizens and patient groups.


Therefore we think and hope that we have a role to play. That we can contribute. In general. In the healthcare sector.



And that’s why the Norwegian cancer society has been a supporter of OCC from the start and a member from an early stage.

Hopefully we have facilitated contact with other actors, hopefully we have opened some doors, hopefully we have been good ambassadors.



Today OCC is 10 years of age.

It has grown from a baby to becoming a teenager.

The expectations might change a bit.

The challenges might be a bit different in the future.

But with a growing strength, more can be gained, and more value added to the role of being a cluster.


We will continue to support you. Perhaps also in new ways.

We see the need of a common ground, a place where all the actors can meet and mingle and join and create.

Otherwise, neither my nor others´ dreams will come true.


I will make Henry Ford’s words mine:

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.



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