Inven2 with broad immuno-oncology portfolio


Oslo Cancer Cluster member Inven2 is the largest technology transfer company in the Nordic region and a leading actor within Life Science. Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo are pioneers in several areas of immunology and cell based cancer therapies. Due to this, Inven2 has a broad portfolio within immuno-oncology to offer.

Immuno-oncology is one of the hottest topics globally at the time. Cancer immunotherapy, as this field is also called, was voted the “Science breakthrough of the year for 2013″ and qualified as “one of the world’s top disrupters” by Goldman Sachs in 2013. Cancer immunotherapy was also the “hot-topic” at the 2014 American Association for Cancer (AACR) meeting where the various current approaches and strategies being advanced today were well represented.

Portfolio of both immuno-oncology therapies and methods

Ongoing innovation projects within immuno-oncology at Oslo University Hopsital and the University of Oslo counts 6 therapies and 8 different technologies/methods being explored. Please see a full list below:



If you want to know more about these projects, please contact Jonny Østensen, Vice President Technology: / +47 911 922 36