International press event created attention all over Europe

Early September Oslo Cancer Cluster hosted an international press event with our member Abbvie. Over 20 journalists from all over Europe came to the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator and Innovatiion Park to learn more about the latest technological and scientific developments within cancer research.


The journalists attended a full day meeting at the Innovation Park which included a lab session with Ullern High School students and researchers at the Cell Therapy Lab, whom showed them how cells are programmed to kill cancer cells. Gunnar Sæter, Head of the Cancer Institute, introduced the journalists to the topic of precision medicine in oncology with Oslo Cancer Cluster members SAS and IBM demonstrating the latest developments within data collection and analysis. Giske Ursin, Director of  Cancer Registry Norway, explained how the unique health data we have in Norway provides a large unused potential within oncology.


The journalist also got to meet Deborah Simms, journalist and cancer survivor and her doctor, John Gribben from the Barts Cancer Institute. They explained the role of collaboration in the diagnostics and treatment of patients with unmet need.


You can see the invitation video for the event here:

See the video from the event made by students at Ullern High School here:

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