Great interest in R&D Precision Cancer Medicine meeting


Over 50 people turned up for our R&D Network meeting on Precision Cancer Medicin at Stavanger University Hospital yesterday. The meeting was a collaboration beetween Oslo Cancer Cluster and Stavanger University Hospital(SUS) and was hosted by SUS.

The speaker list included Jon Arne Søreide from the Gastrointestinal Surgical Research Group, Bjørnar Gilje from the Reseach Group for Oncology and Medical Physics and Emiel Janssen from the research group at the Department of Pathology.

We were also fortunate to have Åslaug Helland from Oslo University Hospital (OUS) with us to give us some clinical perspectives. Helland is the group leader for the Research Group for Translation Studies on Solid Tumours. More info on Hellands group here

Representing the biotech side, we had Kjetil Hestdal from PhotoCure showing examples of the opportunities photodynamic technology give patients with bladder cancer.

Aslaug Aamodt Muggerud from MSD talked about biomarkers and how precision medicine is different from “traditional treatment”.