Soft Funding Strategy Workshop

Event Details

This event is arranged by Norway Health Tech on 24 November, 09:00-16:00, at Health2B, Oslo Science Park.

Are you a Medtech company developing innovation to the healthcare sector? Need funding but can’t wrap your mind around the variety of funding instruments and which are relevant for you?

We turn the table and develop a rationale and a path forward with you!

Imagine meeting all the grant advisors at one spot, working with you to help you focus – see the trees in between the forest!

We gather Advisors, Financial Advisors, National Contact Points and Competence Brokers, representing most of the relevant funding instruments for healthcare companies from:

  • EU Funding instruments
  • Innovation Norway Grants/Loans
  • Research Council of Norway Grants
  • Regional Research and Innovation Grants

And, we’re turning the table around! We will not be running through a list of opportunities, deadlines, rules and conditions! We’ll be working with you to help you identify the ones that are better fit to your company, your current stage of development and future milestones/challenges to overcome.

There’s work for you, but you’ll get value out of it – you prep and come in with your product development roadmap, the milestones and challenges you foresee for the next 2-5 years and you go home with a strategy to increase your chances of success with soft funding. It’s about building a rationale for a combination of regional/national/EU/research/innovation grants: which are best fit to the different stages of your product development pipeline, which ones you should apply to or not.

Did this spark your curiosity? Get in touch with Sergio Ferreira to know more and register to attend this workshop. We have limited place (20 companies) for this first round so, we will prioritise companies with less experience on soft funding.