Live Celebratory Podcast: Clinical Trials

Event Details

One and a half year it has been since Jonas Einarsson, CEO at RADFORSK and Elisabeth Kirkeng Andersen, Communication Specialist at RADFORSK, started podcasting on cancer research, innovation and treatment from their investment portfolio. They have now reached the milestone of 50 episodes of their podcast, a pod that is followed on a weekly basis by between 800 and 3000 listeners.

And of course, episode 50 has to be celebrated! They go LIVE at the Norwegian Cancer Society’s Science Center June 27 and are joined by several guests discussing clinical trials. What are they? Why is it important to conduct clinical trials in Norway? And how do we actually facilitate for Norwegian clinical trials?

Join the celebrations!

One guest is newly appointed CEO of Oslo Cancer Cluster Øyvind Kongstun Arnesen, but full program is coming up shortly.