From Atoms to Anatomy: Neutron and X-rays Scattering Techniques in Life Sciences

Event Details

Using Neutrons and X-rays to Understand Life

Are you working within biology, life science and medicine and are trying to better understand cell behaviour?

If so, then you should also know about neutron and x-ray technologies well-known in academia within material science/technology, but has not yet been widely utilized by biotech businesses in Norway.

You are invited to attend this meeting and to hear from experts in this field, and learn about their techniques to make models to characterize and study cell membranes, peptides, nanoparticles and other structures.

Participants can listen to and join discussions about the usefulness of these tools and discover how they can be applied in your field.

Particularly, the Norwegian biotech community will benefit from knowing about these methods, and utilize this opportunity to network with counterparts already using this technology.

PROGRAM (kl. 09:00 – 13:00)

09:00    Welcome, Ketil Widerberg, General Manager Oslo Cancer Cluster

09:10    Status of MAX IV and Diffraction and Spectroscopy Techniques with a Focus on Structural Biology, Dr.Tomas Lundqvist, Director science and industrial relations at MAX IV at Lund University, Sweden

09:40    Bioimaging Techniques, Dr. Rajmund Mokso, Imaging group at MAX IV

10:10    Scattering Techniques in Support of Life Science, Dr. Ann Terry, Scattering and Diffraction group at MAX IV

10:40    Coffee & Networking Break

11:10    Soft Matter for Biomedical Applications, Dr. Reidar Lund, Associate Professor, Univ.of Oslo

11:30    Possibilities for Life Science in the NcNeutron Infrastructure, Dr. Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, Adjunct Professor, Institute for Energy Technology

11:45    Using Neutrons and X-rays to Understand Chromatin, Dr. Nikolina Sekulic, Univ. of Oslo

12:00    Structural Basis of Cancer-Specific Ganglioside Recognition by mAB 14F7 Elucidated by X-rays, Dr. Kaare Bjerregaard-Andersen, Univ. of Oslo

12:15-   Lunch and Discussion