Exact Therapeutics Science and Technology event

Event Details

Exact Therapeutics welcomes you to their Science and Technology event.


Arrival, coffee, snacks Demo of the ACT® technology

Mr. Anders Wold, Chairman of the Board

EXACT Therapeutics – an attractive opportunity, standing on the shoulders of industry giants

Dr. Per Walday, CEO of EXACT Therapeutics

ACT® – a unique technology platform backed by solid science, in an emerging field of healthcare

Dr. Amir Snapir, CMO of EXACT Therapeutics
The ACTIVATE study – clinical study and plans forward

Prof. Dr. Udai Banerji – P.I. for the ACTIVATE Study

Clinical Experience with the ACT® Technology – The clinician’s perspective

Sir Bill Castell, Board member
Closing Remarks – ACT® in the future of precision medicine

14.30 – 15.00 Q&A sessions


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