Clinical Trials in the Time of COVID-19

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Oncology Clinical Trials in the Time of COVID-19 – A Digital Event

You are invited to join this digital event featuring Oslo Cancer Cluster Members Link Medical and Precision for Medicine as their experts share their recent experiences conducting clinical trials in the time of COVID-19.

Oslo Cancer Cluster is offering this forum with the support from Innovation Norway, through a special measures package to address emerging topics as a result of the pandemic.

AGENDA (10am-11am CET):

NOTE: The digital event will be presented in English. There is no cost to register for/participate.  Registrants will receive a meeting reminder and link access to the event (the day prior).

With support from:

10:00–10:05  Welcome & Introductions, Oslo Cancer Cluster
10:05–10:15 LINK Medical

Speaker: Dr. Austin Smith, Vice President Clinical Development

Topic:  Oncology Trials in the Time of COVID-19, A Patient and Trial Site Perspective

10:15–10:20 Questions & Answers
10:20–10:30 Precision for Medicine

Speakers: Clare Sarvary Fourrier, Senior Vice President, Operational Strategy and Megan Liles, Executive Director, Operational Strategy and Feasibility 

Topic:  Maintaining Data Quality in the Time of COVID-19

10:30–10:35 Questions & Answers
10:35–10:45 Panel Discussion
10:45–10:55 Questions & Answers Forum
11:00 Program Complete