Podcast on cancer research and development

Oslo Cancer Cluster member Radium Hospital Research Foundation, Radforsk, has launched their own podcast. The podcast is named Radium, and is about cancer research and development of new cancer treatments, as well as updates on Radforsk´s portfolio companies.

Radium has so far made nine episodes, and the ambition of Jónas Einarsson, CEO Radforsk and Elisabeth Kirkeng Andersen, communication manager in Radforsk, is to make one new episode a week. The podcasts are in Norwegian, if they do not interview people from abroad, as they did in the Cancer Crosslinks special.

Einarsson and Andersen is usually joined by guests in the studio, and so far they have had guests from Oslo Cancer Cluster members; PCI Biotech, Ultimovacs, Targovax, Vaccibody, Oncoinvent, as well as Roy Larsen and Øyvind Bruland, talking about Algeta, Nordic Nanovector and Oncoinvent.

Upcoming epiosodes will include guests such as Professor Håvard Danielsen from Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics, Anne Lise Ryel, General Secretary in the Norwegian Cancer Society and CEO, Kjetil Hestdal in Photocure.

Here you may find all podcast episodes launched so far.

PERMIDES project going forward with project manager hired


Oslo Cancer Cluster and NCE Smart Energy Markets together with four European clusters in medicine and IT managed to land a prestigious Horizon 2020 EU project this spring. The official kick-off for the project is September 7th to 8th in Karlsrue and project manager Gupta Udatha is hired to work in both Oslo and Halden to implement the project from Norwegian side.


Project manager Gupta Udatha He works at both the Norwegian Centres of Expertise located in Eastern Norway, i.e. Oslo Cancer Cluster and Smart Innovation Østfold. The PERMIDES project aims at establishing fruitful collaborations between the bio-pharmaceutical and IT sectors in the European region to advance the field of personalised medicine through the development of novel digital solutions with cancer as the model disease.

– Gupta has an amazing background from bioinformatics and big data analytics of biopharmaceutical data. We are confident he is going to drive this project forward in a satisfactory way, says Ketil Widerberg, CEO Oslo Cancer Cluster and Dieter Hirdes, F & I Coordinator Smart Innovation Østfold company as a leader NCE Smart Cluster in a joint comment.

The PERMIDES project will start 1 September and with a kick-off meeting in Karlsruhe 7th to 8th September.



View presentations and videos from Cancer Crosslinks

Cancer Crosslinks 2016 featured cutting-edge presentations from leading American and Norwegian clinicians and researchers within the field of cancer immunotherapy. You may look at their presentations again or for the first time via following the links below.  You may also watch videos of some of the presentations.


Picture above: The three Cancer Crosslinks 2016 keynote speakers.  From left: Professor Renier Brentjens, Dr. Stefanie Spranger and Professor Gordon Freeman.
Photo: U-Casters.



International keynote presentations:

National presentations:

Presentations are published by courtesy of the lecturers.

Cancer Crosslinks 2016 will be streamed

Cancer Crosslinks 2016 features a really interesting program. For those of you that may not take part of the actual conference in the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park, you may watch the whole program at your computer as we will live stream from 9:00 – 16:30.

Over 240 people from all over Norway have signed up for this years Cancer Crosslinks. The program focuses on immuno-oncology and features strong international thought leaders as presenters. Cancer Crosslinks is hosted by Oslo Cancer Cluster and sponsored by BMS and Janssen.